Airport Transportation

DIA : Denver International Airport

dia serviceDenver International Airport was established in 1988 by a group of people from the office of governor pennea and decided to build the Airport in the middle of nowhere at the time ,the city was growing rapidly and no way to add any more runways at Stapleton Airport to expand for any more international business. So the city and the council decided to move the project for about 25 miles away from the center of Denver Colorado which is called Denver International Airport it was costing them a lot of money to launch the project at the beginning and there were so many arguments on the on council of Denver finally the project resumed and Wallace finished in 1992 but the big problem was with the luggage system, they hired a German Company to do all their latest of the arts work they did not have a lot of luck with it , in fact it took them an extra year to fix up the luggage system and a lot of money we spend up to make it out for all the big problems that German Company have created.

About june of 1994 they decided to open the Airport and was ready to go for all international business, it is a piece of arts and the beautiful work was performed to finish the job it is considered to be the second largest airports in the world it can host all kinds of internationale incoming aircraft black and Korean Air Turkish Air on a lot of International airlines, Denver International Airport has the best approach system for the airplanes in severe weather it has the best lights on the runways for any airplanes to land when its snowing and severe blizzards, level five or ground transportation level at Denver International Airport is known and for all passengers transfers you can catch a taxi or car service in Denver also buses and in the near future you’ll be able to catch a train to downtown Denver