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007 Airport Limo reviewed by Charles Dave M.

Dave M. March 13, 2016

Absolutely, without a doubt THEE best limo transport service I have ever taken, We had a hectic day prior to departing for our family holiday to Australia and the driver was good natured, had a terrific and engaging sense of humor throughout the drive to calm our anxieties. When we realized I left my wallet, he seemed sincerely forgiving that we had to turn around to retrieve it from home and never missed a step in making us comfortable. We spoke the entire journey to the airport, above all, because WE WANTED TO … because he was that kind of terrific person you wanted to carry a conversation with. This is a stark contrast from those situations where you wish you didn’t get spoken to or found little to say due to poor chemistry. The driver experience left us in a truly relaxed mode upon arrival. We enjoyed the company service so much we just reserved a driver from 007 Airport Limousine for our return home.

- Date: March, 13, 2016