007 Airport Limo reviewed by Raffaello S.

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Company has nice clean car service

Date: April, 29, 2018 5/5 stars by Raffaello S.

007 is Reliable, safe, and competitively priced. If you are like me, then by now you’ve had your fair share of terrible Uber experiences with drivers who shouldn’t be on the road let alone driving other people around. I still might use a ride share service when I’m alone but not with my family. I have used 007 for a couple of years now, mostly for airport drop-offs and pickups. Kareem is a great and safe driver who I trust behind the wheel with my family, even in a snow storm like last weekend on the way to the airport. His company has nice clean cars (I was recently in a Lincoln MKT and a suburban) and car seats for my kids. He has always been on time both picking up from my house and meeting me at the airport on returns.