007 Airport Limo reviewed by Mckenzie C.

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SUPER clean car and comfy seats

Date: February, 12, 2013 5/5 stars by Mckenzie C.

I used 007 Airport Limo this morning to pick me up from the airport because I had a really early flight back to Denver and was in a time crunch to get to work. My driver had text me before I landed to let me know that he would be waiting for me. I responded to the text and got a quick response back letting me know exactly where he would be standing outside of the airport. When I got down to the exit he was exactly where he said he would be waiting outside of his car ready to take my bags. He was very polite and friendly and was even able to take an alternate route through the city, off of the highway, when the morning work rush picked up. Not only was i on time for work but I also had time to spare! These guys are great! Reasonably priced and worth every penny! SUPER clean car and comfy seats