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Denver Airport New Project

Denver International Airport

For so many years, Denver Airport was trying to build a new hotel by the airport. They had so many obstacles from the city and the Federal Aviation Administration. It is a big fight between the hotel companies. Which one are they going to choose?


In the meantime, Denver city was trying to finish the light rail project that connects Denver Downtown to DIA. It was a big problem about the amount of money and who is going to finance this multi-million dollar project. After so many years of debating, they finally agreed on tax payers money.

On May of 2011, Denver Airport and the city of Denver agreed to give the project to the Westin Hotel and Resort. It was also a green signal for the light-rail from Downtown to DIA which is going to take about 5 years of construction to complete. The big issue now is the closure of some areas at DIA especially level 5 and level 6 which is going to create a big problem for the transportation services like shuttles, limousines, and car services. They will only have a small area to drop off and pick up their costumers. Another issue is that a lot of costumers don’t have the time nor the patience to wait for their limo transportation which is going to make them look for other alternative modes of transportation. Obviously taxis will be the only choice for them.